Dashboard Object Property Referencedow
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This window is where all editing to the objects is done. To edit an object, select it first in the Dashboard Object View window.  When it is selected, all available customizable options for the object will appear in the Dashboard Object Properties window. 

At the top of the window next to the visibility option, you can uncheck the box to make the object invisible.  Just below that is a description box.  Here you can enter in a description to label the object in the Dashboard Object View window. 

Just as in the Dashboard Object View window, you can extend and close lists by clicking the + or - next to the lists.

Each type of object has its own unique changeable properties.  Click on an object below to view its property reference table (which explains all fields unique to it in the Properties window) and to read more about it:

Dashboard and Layers



Rounded Rectangles





Pie Wedges

Tick Marks

Text Objects


Bezier Curves



Most objects have pens and brushes.  Brushes are used for filling the shape, and pens are used to outline it. Click here to read about these tools.