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A Picture object can be added to your dashboard to contain any picture you wish, from a picture off of the web to a picture from your digital camera.  You can use it as a background for a gauge, as a needle, or for any other element on your gauge. 

Your pictures can be edited in the properties window with four different values:


Center Point

This represents where you want the center of the picture to be located.  To select a center point, you can either enter in the coordinates (see coordinate plane for more information about these coordinates) or you can click the box (which appears once you click inside where you would enter coordinates).  When you click this box, you can set your mouse on the point you would like and click.


Here is where you determine how long and wide you would like the picture.  The first value will be the length, followed by the height, separated from each other by a semicolon.  To enter the values, click inside the size box.  


This is where you will select the picture you want to use.  (If you want to use one from the internet, save it to your computer first.)  Click on the box and to the right you will see the box.  Click here and a browser window will open.  Locate the picture you want to use and click Open.


You can make your picture partially or completely translucent.  255 is the default setting, which is completely opaque.  To make it 50% translucent, set it to half of 255, or 128.