Coordinate System
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All coordinates in this program correspond to the following coordinate plane:

The X position is the first value in the ordered pair, and the Y position is the second.  These values represent the percentage across the screen the position is, from left to right for X and from top to bottom for Y.  For example, the upper right corner has the position (100,0), meaning it is 100% across to the right and 0% down.  The coordinates are set to percentage of the window so that when the application is resized, the positioning and values of your objects will remain the same.

The center of the window will always be (50,50), meaning halfway across and halfway down.  If you wish to know coordinates for a specific point on the window, set your crosshairs on this point.  You can read the coordinates on the XY position window at the upper left of the screen.

The Dashboard Object Properties window is where you will enter coordinates for your objects.  The center point should be entered with the X coordinate listed first, then a semicolon, then the Y coordinate (i.e. 50;50 for the center of the screen).  To set other values in this window, enter the percentage across or down the screen you wish for the object to span.  For example, when setting the properties for an ellipse, setting the horizontal radius and vertical radius to 20 will span the ellipse 20% or 1/5 of the way across the screen in each direction (up, down, right, and left).  Setting the center point for this ellipse as 40;40 will position the object 40% to the right and 40% down from the upper left corner (which coordinates are at 0;0).  The ellipse will look something like this:

When the window is resized, the ellipse will be sized with it.  If you make your window skinnier, the ellipse will become skinnier as well.  The same goes for if you lengthen your window.

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