SVG Path to DashXL Path

This file only works with Internet Explorer at this time.

SVG File Info:

viewBox: The viewBox can be found at the very top of the SVG file, inside the <svg> tag. If your file shows viewBox="0 0 320 480" then you would put the "0 0 320 480" (with no quotes) in this box.

SVG Path: The SVG path can be found from any <path> element. There is a "d" attribute on the <path> element. Copy the contents of the "d" attribute (without the quotes) here.

Desired Position & Size The Desired Position & Size is where the resulting DashXL object should be placed and sized. This is formatted just like the viewBox is above, that is four numbers separated by spaces. This does not control absolute placement and size coordinates, but helps you scale the SVG coordinates to be near where you want it.

Resulting DashXL path: