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Palmer Performance Engineering, along with other contributors, have created some tools that may assist you in creating your DashXL™ dashboard skins. We will update this page as additional tools become available. If you would like to offer up any tool, script, or anything else for inclusion here then please contact us.

SVG to DashXL Path Converter This tool helps convert SVG <path> elements into DashXL path objects. You will need to open the .svg file in a text editor and copy and paste out the path coordinates into the supplied html form. This tool will only convert the path shape, none of the color information will be converted over to DashXL. After the shape is converted, you will need to manually edit the DashXL path object and paste in the path points and then add the color information as desired.
DashXL™ Skin Editor DashXL™ Skin Editor (SkinXL) for Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 Allows you to create and edit your DashXL™ skin sets, and share them with other users on

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