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Author Topic: The April Fools' surprise was not a prank  (Read 165 times)

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The April Fools' surprise was not a prank
« on: October 20, 2022, 02:44:38 am »
In the video embedded above it, the P2Pah team has a look at Battle for Azeroth in game. You'll see some of the innovative Island Expeditions, which involve three players working together on an array of tasks that rotate. The team will compete against another group of three, either AI or real players--from the other faction to be the first to complete everything.

Battle for Azeroth launches on August 14 on PC; you can pre-purchase the game now for $50 and instantly gain access to various quests that unlock four new playable character races. You'll require WoW and the previous expansion Legion To play Battle for Azeroth, but it is possible to purchase a bundle of all WoW content including BfA costs just $90. You can also read about BfA's Battle for Azeroth Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition here.

Family Guy's World of Warcraft Tribute Revives Leeroy Jenkins Meme

The April Fools' surprise was not a prank. After teasing that it would integrate the World of Warcraft joke into its April 1 World of Warcraft, Family Guy totally embraced the MMORPG and created the most infamous meme that it has ever created.

After being compelled to join when they were forced into the Coast Guard, Peter, Cleveland and Joe discover themselves in an encounter with a group of terrorist frat boys, because, of course. Then Cleveland suggests that they attempt "what's called a Leeroy Jenkins." This is, obviously of the 2003 World of Warcraft staged viral video where a player known as Leeroy Jenkins was caught in an extremely challenging battle without warning and caused the rest his family to follow and eventually be killed.

That's exactly what Cleveland does following. He comes in, guns blazing and screaming "Leeroy Jenkins!" as Peter along with Joe are following him. Family Guy doesn't stop there however. The show has a brief interruption in its animation style . It transforms into a 3D-rendered World of Warcraft -style view which includes potions and health bars. among other things.

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