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Author Topic: Mmoexp - He can be an elite lockdown corner throughout Madden 21  (Read 72 times)

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Below, the following top ten"The 50" cards are ranked from worst to best. Each of the cards earned their rank based on relevant position stats, value for coins, as well as versatility. Players may be amazed from the cards that end up at the bottom of the list.

Julius Peppers is a massive, strong, and aware defensive end with unlimited upsides. The only stat that allows him down is his subpar pace. Ranking at just at 86, lots of gamers higher with this list may outrun this card.

However, Peppers make up for his slow pace with deflections and run defense. Though the card is a superb option to choose, defensive ends can just make so much of an impact in Madden 21.

Rodgers is incredible with Gunslinger equipped. The Packers legend has all of the essential stats for an effective quarterback in MUT 21.

However, he would rank higher in the list when the card has a bit more speed. Madden Quarterbacks have to have a speed stat at 80 speed to outrun defensive linemen and buy time on play action passes. Rodgers is an wonderful player, but the card is just slightly too slow to produce the top of the list.

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