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Author Topic: Should I increases either and if so why?  (Read 106 times)

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Should I increases either and if so why?
« on: November 30, 2020, 12:07:48 am »

Because this  is a PvP world pure not only a BH pure I felt it belonged since the PvP worlds are not a mingame as such. Right well at the moment my main account is stuck at F2P for the moment except to pass the time that I thought I'd return to an account (pure) I made whereas the wildy was there quite after BH arrived and am looking about starting back with with the addition of PvP worlds. Oh and if you're wondering it's the lamest name. Names I would. Skill - Current/Goal. Attk - 40/40. Str - 50/60 (60+?) . Def - 5/5 (Do not ask me why I got 5 def. Made acc. Long time agho and too late to change now). Range - 38/40 (Currently coaching to 40 now. Should not take long.) . HP - 44/Whatever it ends up at.

Should I increases either and if so why? Present Combat level is 41. Equipment I plan to PK in. Full Steel Helm. Str Ammy. Steel Plate. Steel Kite. Green d'hide vambs. Rune Scimmy. Green d'hide chaps. SoS Boots. I would also like some basic guidance one how to PK with this particular setup and these levels. Str too low for Rune 2h KOing? Use any variety at all? Suggestions, comments and thoughts all welcome.

I've heard you are able to earn 900k a hour by dual crafting character runes. I dont possess 91 so I had been wondering about solitary crafting. Just how much money can you make per hour if crafting nature runes each hour and whats the best way to craft them? I was thinking about crafting those rather than fishing monkfish. Will those be better cash thank monks? Runecraft is definitley a precious skill, nats make loads and when you hit legislation the gains get much better. Double nats is the quickest money in the game AFAIK but in all honesty I consider it an unachievable objective.

The details of the game information in winrsgold


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