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Author Topic: I am thinking about starting a RS3 ironman  (Read 22 times)

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I am thinking about starting a RS3 ironman
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:26:46 am »
I've got a 1900 complete ironman on OSRS. I really like RuneScape game but dont have that much fun using bosses. I am thinking about starting a RS3 ironman - but some of questing and the more boring grinds are putting me off. I also havent played RS3 in seven years. I was wondering what the difference are between the ironman modes? I know its vague but even some input explaining how crafting training/slayer differs between both (just as examples) may help persuade me to try it out. Is gearing up exactly the same? Like typically killing a boss X amount of times before you receive a drop?

You will find far more life quality game mechanisms in RS3 such as presets from the bank or sign of the porters into teleport mats you gathered if training a gathering ability (tougher to get on ironman) and many more suitable items/mechanics. This may be mimicked on RS3; Arguably it is better on RS3. Put whatever thing that you need to drop in your action bar (like, say you're fly fishing at the Barbarian village, then put trout and salmon on your action bar), and then customise the keybind to those two slots. Set it to a key per (one for hens, one for salmon). Hold those keys and you fall it all.

Prayer & Summoning can be revived in the Guthix Memorial Pile of Essence right next to the Falador Lodestone, and all banks restore health near-instantly. In fairness AFAIK this is not an OSRS thing, it is a third-party-client thing, and if I could be blunt... That is easyscape as hell! Allowed, RS3 desperately requires a search, but it does have 8 favorite/bookmark slots for oft-used fairy rings, and they teleport immediately, without waiting for the dials to spin to their proper position. A separate matter is solved by this if there's 8 or fewer which you use regularly.

RS3 surely doesn't have this! RS3 does not possess this, although we do have plenty of other things for different types of items. RS3 does have this on various objects. Of the skilling stations, by way of example, possess a Configure alternative that lets you select the left-click alternative. Bonfires do. Pretty comprehensive response, I concur that RS3 probably has more QOL compared to OSRS, I only wanted to show that there are a number of things that OSRS does that I miss now that I'm enjoying more RS3. I basically consider them canon for OSRS Additionally because OSRS players use 3rd party clients.

This may be mimicked on RS3; nonetheless it's even better on RS3. Put whatever item you want to drop on your action bar (such as, say you are fly fishing in the Barbarian village, then place trout and salmon on your action bar), then customise the keybind to those two slots. Hold those secrets and you fall it all. I would agree that for things where you are doing a great deal of dropping (which is probably the more common usage case) RS3 takes the cake. The benefit for OSRS is when you need to drop a bunch of things that are random and you don't have the installation. Or for dropping one or two things to create space on something or a slayer task.

Check out rsgoldfast for more details.


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