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General Discussion / Why Sigsync Office 365 email signature?
« on: August 27, 2020, 02:09:33 pm »
Whether you are a member of an organization or you work as a freelancer, an Office 365 email
signature can be a valuable tool. You may be  in confusion, whether you need an email signature
or not. Let' have  look into advantages and disadvantages. Creating and implementing an email
signature can take time, but there are many more advantages to using one than not.
An email signature is a digital business card. A customary email signature design gives a
professional touch to every email you send
By using an email signature, you can quickly share your contact details. Including your address,
contact number, and email address makes it simple for your clients to connect with you directly
You can attach hyperlinks to your website in your email signature, which helps your clients to
visit your site for more information, and it also increases traffic to your site
An email signature can also increase your social media channels. Adding social media icons in
your email signature  will bring new followers and likes for your pages and posts
Incorporating the company logo in your email signature, make the receivers an eye catchy to
know your brand
Email disclaimer is a legal, and compliance is a statutory requirement in many countries.You can
avoid fines and legal action by placing a disclaimer underneath the email signature.
You can include promotional banners for special events and offers, surveys, or upcoming
products, events to boost your marketing activities.
Creating email signatures can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re doing it all
To manually set up an email signature for your entire company using Microsoft Exchange or
Office 365, you have to create transport rules, which come with many
If you request your users to update their email signatures, they may make modifications to the
design or eliminate essential parts, such as the disclaimer.
It’s hard to create an email signature that works on all devices. A signature that looks great in
Outlook may format strangely on your mobile.

If you’re embedding the images into the signature, it may not always appear when the recipient
opens the email, and it can have a strange format.
Sigsync Web-based – Signatures for Office 365 resolves all your signature problems; Designing
and implementing an email signature for your enter company is simple.  No need to manually
deal with connector rules, everything is taken care of automatically. You can make edit your
email signature in seconds and immediately role out for the entire organization.Signatures will
consistent and formatted correctly in your email. The signature generator allows you to create
HTML email signatures that work on all devices, including Mac and mobiles. You can centrally
manage and control all Office 365 users’ signatures.
To know more : sigsync

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