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Honda CRV Tuxedo V4.1

Simple and elegant set of dashboards in high contrast black & white with a splash of color suitable for 7" 800x480 screens

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Version: 010821File Size: 922.46 KBCreator: jjaj1971Rating: 0
Last Updated: 01-11-2021Released: 01-11-2021Downloads: 34Views: 98
Tags: Tuxedo,Landscape,Windows,PC,16:9,Full Screen,800x480,WS2,WVGA
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This set of 7 dashbaords includes the following gauges and features:

Performance dashboard:
- engine speed with sweeping bar
- corrected vehicle speed
- current fuel system in use (open or closed loop)*
- accelerator pedal position*
- throttle position*
-Fuel Economy (Instant/Average)
-Engine Coolant
-Vehicle Heading
-Fuel Qty, TTE, DTE
-Acceleration Data (Min, Current, Max) in ft/s2
-Vehicle Speed with sweeping bar which contains:
-Current Max Speed
-Current Avg Speed
-Current Avg Speed with Idle
-Current Avg Speed without Idle

Fuel economy / consumption dashboard:
- instantaneous fuel ecomony / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption over 3 time periods
- distance to empty *
- time to empty *
- fuel level % *
- volume of fuel remaining in tank *
- fuel flow rate gauge with current, average, minumum and maximum values

Trip computer dashboard:
- 5 monitored trips; custom A and B trips, Today, Previous Day, and Fillup
- distance travelled
- fuel consumed
- average fuel economy / consumption
- fuel cost
- elapsed time
- drive time
- average carbon dioxide emission rate
- total carbon dioxide emission
- start date & time
- number of fillups
- average fuel flow rate
- average driving speed
- average trip speed
- average boost/vacuum
- average engine speed
- maximum acceleration
- maximum engine power at wheels
- number of stops
- maximum fuel flow rate
- maximum speed
- idle time
- maximum boost/vacuum
- maximum engine speed
- maximum braking acceleration
- maximum engine torque
- percent distance travelled while not in gear
- percent distance travelled in each gear
- percent distance travelled in non-optimal gear
- percent time spent while not in gear
- percent time spent in each gear
- percent time spent while in a non-optimal gear

Engine metrics dashboard 1:
- timing (spark avdance) *
- engine coolent temperature *
- intake air temperature
- ambient air temperature *
- manifold absolute pressure
- mass air flow

Engine metrics dashboard 2:
- fuel trims, short and long term (banks 1 to 4) *
- percent engine load *
- catalyst temperature *
- fuel rail pressure wwith two scales, low and high *
- lambda gauge with commanded and actual readings *
- air / fuel ration gauge *

Shifting and gear dashboard:
- current gear
- suggested gear based on speed
- shift indicator
- shifting and gear map

Fillup dashboard:
- record fuel tank fillup events
- calibrates the fuel economy / consumption calculations
- allows input of the fuel price

* requires that the vehicle supports the underlying parameter ID.
** curb weight must be specified in the vehicle settings
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