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2.5 T5 Multi Gauges Purple

optimized in iPad * (All the credit goes to the original creator of this awesome skin. I only made the gear and speedo numbers bigger)

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Version: 9.499File Size: 53.31 KBCreator: Mark OliveiraRating: 0
Last Updated: 09-11-2020Released: 09-11-2020Downloads: 41Views: 89
Tags: honda
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main (white & night) dashboard:
- engine speed (9000rpm or 8000rpm)
- currently engaged gear & vtec point (9000rpm version only)
- vehicle speed (km/h)
- intake manifold pressure (kPa) 2 patterns
- calculated load value (%), ignition timing advance (degree)
- intake air temperature (°C), control module voltage (V)
- engine coolant temperature (°C), catalyst temperature (°C)

white & night dashborad:
- intake manifold pressure (kPa) 3 patterns
- mass air flow (g/s), fuel flow (l/h)
- calculated load value (%), absolute throttle position (%), ignition timing advance (degree)
- control module voltage (V), oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 - sensor 1 (V), fuel/air commanded equivalence ratio (lambda)
- intake air temperature (°C), acceleration enpressed as g (G)
- engine coolant temperature (°C), catalyst temperature (°C)
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