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MR-S 5 Speed test

This skin is optimized for a Toyota MR-S with 5 Speed

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Version: 2.1File Size: 4.23 MBCreator: A.D.TakaAustinRating: 2
Last Updated: 01-04-2020Released: 01-04-2020Downloads: 357Views: 1544
Tags: Optimized for iPhone and iPod. Not tested for iPad or Android OS
1 ratings

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This set of 2 dashbaords and optimized for Toyota MR-S with 5 speed (6 speed in another dashboard) :

Performance dashboard :
- Engine speed (rpm or tr/min) and (mph or km/h)*
- Current fuel system in use : Open loop / closed loop
- Engine coolant temp (°F or °C) : Max value (°F or °C) / Cold alert under 122°F / 50°C / Red alert upper 207°F / 97°C / Fan upper 194°F / 90°C
- Engine intake temp (°F or °C) : Flake alert under 38°F / 3°C
- Timing (deg°)
- Manifold vacuum (inHg or kPa)
- Battery voltage (red alert under 12.0V and upper 14.5V)
- Current gear (5 gears in this skin)**
- Shiftlight (yellow alert from 4000rpm / orange alert from 5200rpm / red alert from 6400rpm)
- Power max value (HP or KW)
- Torque max value (lb.ft or N.m)
- Acceleration min and max value (G)

Engine metrics :

- Manifold absolute pressure (inHg or kPa)
- Mass air flow (lb/min or g/s)
- Percent engine load (%)
- Throttle position (%)
- Fuel trims, short and long term (%)
- Hours
- Max value : RPM (rpm or tr/min) / Speed (mph or km/h) / Power (HP or KW) / Torque (lb.ft or N.m) / Acceleration (G) / Coolant temp (°F or °C) / Intake temp (°F or °C) / Battery voltage (V) / Load (%) / Throttle (%) / Timing (deg°) / Manifold vacuum (inHg or kPa) / Manifold absolute pressure (inHg or kPa) / Mass air flow (lb/min or g/s)

* maximum and minimum engine speed and speed correction must be completed
** gear ratios, tire size spec and wheel circumference must be completed

Stock MR-S 5 speed :
Maximum : 7000rpm and Minimum : 750rpm
Speed correction : 0.95
Tire : 205/50/15
Wheel circ : 1841mm
Final drive ratios : 12.477;7.504;5.163;3.819;3.212
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