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Vertical Graph Dash6.0.7

Custom Tuxedo with Graphs

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Version: 6.0.7File Size: 3.22 MBCreator: thewebmedicRating: 0
Last Updated: 12-28-2018Released: 12-28-2018Downloads: 361Views: 1379
Tags: Tuxedo,Mobile,Portrait,iPhone,Android
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Touch Graphs to cycle PID, Touch 0-60 for Best and Last, Touch bottom of globe to cycle on and off. Reset button only resets ave fuel graph, fill ups can be done on the fillup page. Feedback is welcome.

UPDATE 4.0.236
Added touch ranges for Altitude graph
Added touch option for different views on Compass
added some additional graph values
Optimized file size
Updated fuel graph reset

Fine Tuning with some bug fixes
added dashboard for Trips F A B
Fixed bug on cycle refresh.

added test page for corrections

UPDATE 4.0.245
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