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Subaru Gauge Pack - EJ253

Gauge Pack for any EJ253 5MT Subaru

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Version: 2.1File Size: 340.22 KBCreator: samtongooRating: 5
Last Updated: 12-09-2018Released: 11-29-2018Downloads: 453Views: 1211
1 ratings

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Meant to be a modern version of the original Subaru Gauge Pack (H5010FA001) with a few additional bells & whistles.
Features an Altimeter, Compass, and Accelerometer in addition to displaying Time, Pitch, Roll, MAF, and Lambda.

Why MAF? The EJ253 ECU doesn't give a Throttle Position PID.
Why Lambda? Helps monitor whether the engine is running rich or lean. More so because it looks cool though.

Based on "Needles n digits" by chuhchimama


Version 1.8
Release Date: 28 Nov 18
Objective: Initial Release

Version 2.0
Release Date: 29 Nov 18
Objective: Fixing Features
-All PID references corected to establish functionality.

Version 2.1
Release Date: 09 Dec 18
Objective: Refining Features
-Heading/Course sweep updated to establish functionality
-Lateral Acceleration converted from circular needle to linear needle
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