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Author Topic: Adding Transmission Gears?  (Read 6687 times)

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Adding Transmission Gears?
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:34:00 am »
I see the current available PIDS only go to 6 speeds with transmissions. My car has 7 gears and I have added to the Shift Dashboard a 7th column for 7th gear. The gears do jump on the dash from 1 to 7 but since there are no PIDs for CONST.SPEED_ZONES.7.MIN_SPEED, CONST.SPEED_ZONES.7.MAX_SPEED, and CONST.SPEED_ZONES.7.SHIFT_SPEED. How do I go about getting the min, max and shift speed to work? I have tried writing values to user defined variables but it does not work. I looked through other dash's but no one seems to have solved this.
Please help!


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