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** Under Development **BRZ gauges including Subaru PIDs and Graphs

BRZ dedicated Gauge Cluster

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Version: 0.82File Size: 384.32 KBCreator: fizbanRating: 0
Last Updated: 07-30-2018Released: 02-15-2018Downloads: 1859Views: 6878
Tags: Needle,Digital,Color,BRZ,Subaru,Graphs
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** Under Development **

Since I own a BRZ, it is time to create a dedicated dashboard for it.
This was taken from my Miata dashboard and converted to BRZ gauge design. Also planning to add the BRZ 2017 LCD design.
All the gauges include warning (Blue for cold, Yellow for slight over and Red for veru high) when a warning is on, a digital value of the PID will be shown.

Fixed bugs
Changed injection range to 0-8.

Fixed bugs

Removed race mode
Added 6 gauges with warnings

Added Race mode (as default)

* Fixed graphs position and PIDs
* Fixed Oil temp warning threshold
* Fixed IAT warning threshold and value
* Fix CAT needle range

* First build to be uploaded.
* Added Gauges Cluster
* Added Digital display

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