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Version: 3.0File Size: 1.33 MBCreator: tomlatRating: 0
Last Updated: 01-12-2018Released: 01-10-2018Downloads: 401Views: 1781
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GTR style Gauges for Toyota GT86. Will work with Toyota PID's add-on only. FIX v3.15 - Updated all possible parameters to Toyota engine OBD PID's. Fixed issue with Needle for oil temperature. Only updated default parametres in Custom screens to Toyota PID's., updated big tacho to 9000. FIX v3.16 - Changed the default gauge order (and reset order) on dashboard presets 1, 2, 3 and 4. FIX v3.17 - Changed dashboard order and names. Removed unnecessary dashboards. Made the gear number and shift indicator operational again. There are 2 performance dashboards (temporarily) for a test but one of them is customisable. I will make all of the screens fully customisable eventually. FIX v3.18 More unncesessary dashboards removed. Suggested gear indicator was broken and is still in test mode. FIX v3.19 I may have fixed the broken logic with the gear shift indicator. Still Testing... Trying to make dashboards more responsive.
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