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Ultimate HUD

NEW VERSION! Please mention me if you want to modify this Dash. Thanks ^_^

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Version: 3.3File Size: 3.23 MBCreator: wagonkitRating: 5
Last Updated: 03-15-2019Released: 06-04-2015Downloads: 23059Views: 56373
2 ratings

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3.0 Added my dash from REALDASH that I made. Just screenshotted the gauges without needles, and then added the needles with DashXL :P

2.7 AIR FUEL GAUGE based on narrow O2 sensor voltage... **TESTING**

2.63 Clickable Fuel Trim that switches to timing. Updated some other stuff and made a better visible TRD page.

2.61 bug fix



Added colored warning areas, and also a few more pages.
Also changed fonts to LED

Still trying to get Eurostyle font to work on my ipad... i copied it into the folder of dashXL but it doesn't work... :-(

Let me know what you guys think!!


bug fixes
Slightly increased font size
If you don't already have it, download Eurostile.


Recolorized everything, and consolidated the grouping and stuff for easier editability.

Completely redone "NIGHT ZOOM" dash. Made timing/trim easier to see at night. Easier on the eyes.

Also added "BARS" dash from Mike's dash that I modded for myself.


Added Fuel System status (SAE.FUELSYS1) to check for open or closed loop fuel system status.

2.32 made color more visible but less bright, at night


Fixed the newly added timing and fuel trim page.


Added Ignition timing page and fuel trim for tune up purposes


Made a page with a bit of zoom in with slightly less gauges for my 4s.

Also made tachometers needle turn red in redline zone.

Reworked my ULTIMATE DASH's Primary dashboard page to show ticks and highlighted numbers.

The tick numbers will invert their respective color, as the needle passes over them. Kinda cool ;)

1.8 ******

Added the two gauges I used most on a separate page...
(since there's that stupid 1 dash upload a day limit... )
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